Body change

Isn’t it about time you had a Positive Lifestyle!?!

Body Change is a 6-week programme that teaches you to make the right choices with your food and learn why exercise is so important for all of us.

Stick to the plan you'll  see some fantastic results and changes to your body throughout the course. You'll also go away at the end of this programme with the knowledge to eat correctly and to continue to train properly.

You take control of your own targets whether that is to lose weight, tone up, increase fitness or simply to maintain what you have already achieved. You will be weighed weekly and have an individual programme written with your own personal goals in mind. Body measurements are and a body composition test are taken to discover what really happens when we exercise on the inside.

You will also learn about nutrition, posture and stretching but most of all have fun whilst doing it with a group of people who need exactly the same things as you.