Members Letter

Dear Positive Lifestyle members,

Firstly I hope everyone has managed to stay safe and well throughout these difficult times and remain to do so in the future. This has definitely been a testing time for everyone not only physically, financially but in so many other ways and its been great to see so many of you joining myself, Louisa, Janet and Robyn online keeping your fitness going throughout lockdown.

There is still no end in site as to when gyms can operate properly again and even when we are allowed to reopen it will be at a much reduced capacity with ever increasing opening and safety costs.  Therefore it is with great sadness that after 21 years of owning and running Positive Lifestyle it will unfortunately be closing its gym doors for good. This is not a decision I have come to lightly as for over half of my life I’ve been part of Positive Lifestyle and looked after all of its fantastic members since I started a Personal Training business back in 1999. It’s been like a little family for so many of you that join in with the classes and see us for personal training every week. That side of things however will not be over, we will continue to train you online and as of this week, outside classes too, which I know many of you enjoyed. Moving forward we will continue with both the online and outside classes, along with hiring halls for classes when we are allowed to do so safely. All of us are available for person training online or at your home and eventually I hope to have a small studio again for personal training. I will keep you all informed about future developments on that and more fitness options.

I really have exhausted all options and resources to keep things going during this time but we cannot continue any further as we are. But like they say as one door closes another opens and we will still be offering you a range of great new fitness classes and training to suit everyone’s needs.

I look forward to seeing you in the future and continuing to keep you all fit, healthy and enjoying a Positive Lifestyle!!

Neil, Louisa & Janet.

dISCOVER a fun AND friendly place TO GET FIT
We do things slightly differently to your average gym. Our main aim with all of our clients is to ensure all round well being, it is not about just burning the calories. We offer kinetic chain assessment, assisted stretching for better mobility, and trigger point release techniques. This combination of stretching, massage and corrective techniques can help you recover from injury, prevent it or just help you reach your fitness goals. We want to ensure each client starts their journey towards a positive lifestyle and knows how to sustain it.

mORE THAN A GYM - part of a club

Young or old, fit or unfit, everyone is welcome at Positive Lifestyle. We offer something a little different to your usual exercise experience. No longer will you just be a face in the crowd - we care about our members and do all we can to help you get the most out of each and every visit.

Friendly, welcoming, knowledgable, enthusiastic, team! Great classes and excellent advice & encouragement from all. Special thanks to Neil for his sports therapy sessions with my daughter Emily, sorting out the mess that is her knees, whilst sneakily testing her on her Sports Exercise Science Degree knowledge! From having to stop participating in sport due to much knee discomfort, she's now swimming with Chichester University!
Clare White
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