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6 week Bodychange Programme is back

The ultimate way to start 2019 - with all the support and classes you need to hit your goals.

We start with an assessment of your body with a full body review using our BodyStat machine (which measures body fat, muscle, and water percentage) and a posture assessment. You’ll then have a 1:1 nutrition consultation and be issued with your 6 week guide to healthy eating.

During the 6 week programme, you’ll get access 8 classes per week and full gym access. You’ll also have weekly 1:1 nutrition reviews to keep you on track with healthy eating.

To test your progress you’ll then be able to tackle one of our weekend Bootcamps, before repeating the Bodystat assessment at the end of the 6 weeks. All this for just £150 for the 6 week period. The course starts on 13th January and spaces are limited so contact one of the team to book your place today.